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It's Forever.

I've been working tirelessly on my toys and dolls, and it is just SO fucking cathartic. It's been so long since I've been able to just sit and play. Nothing to worry about, nothing to bother me. Careless, carefree and fucking loving it.

So, clearly, these are a few redresses of some of my favorite girls. I haven't played dress up with the girls for what seems like eons. I reorganized all their clothes and shoes (along with the Boyz swag as well). I'm a creature of organization (even my junk is organized), and for me to have the chance to just sit and de-clutter to my heart's content has been wonderful. And I'm finally getting to all those odd projects that I haven't been able to tackle: resetting hair, adding curls, iris repaints, bodyswaps, et al. I decided that all my favorite versions of the canon Bratz girls are going to have Fashion Pixiez or Star Singerz bodies. All of them eventually. Once I find the right paint color for Felicia's, she'll be the first full custom body girl with a FP body. I really wish that they had made more Sisterz sets because I really like Kiani's body. It's rather similar to Portia's. My favorite eyeprint is the anime/TaGG/LiC, and I plan to give all the girls I have with that face Volks Midi bodies some day. One day, I hope to rid my entire collection of the disgusting standard default Bratz body. *shudder*

Talking Sasha, Diamondz Vinessa, Valentina, and Nighty Nite Lea (who will soon receive an iris repaint to become my Oriana) almost made the group pic above, but my back started hurting so I said fuck it. I dressed and redressed for quite a while until I gave up. I really wish I had bought ALL the clearanced FP Bratz at all the Targets I'd gone to at the time cuz I hate the standard body. I have a couple tan and pale bodies left, but no more standard peach (Dee) bodies. It would have been nice to give Sorya and Princess Bratz Cloe (as Trinity) tall bodies so the mean girls could have joined the group. Wildlife Nevs was glaring at me from her place in the plastic bin....

My Bratz live in an idealized version of L.A. Initially, I'd wanted them all to attend MGA Academy, an exclusive private school in the heart of Brentwood. But that'd make them all a lot younger than I'd like for them to be, so now they're ageless 18-30 year-olds. The more I attempt to type out personalities for each girl, the cattier it seems to get. I guess I just love a good bitch....

My birthday is Sunday. I'm happy that I'm surrounded by good things and good people right now. I've almost regained most of my sanity...so, it'll be a good birthday. Heh.

Mwahz, bitchfuckers.


Jan. 18th, 2009 01:00 am (UTC)
Heh, thanks, ma! Portia looks teeny next to the girls...I was hoping she'd be taller so they could all play nice. But she just looks shrimpy. And...really? Eva Longoria? I like her new short hair!

Thanks, biyatch! Mwahz!