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Lickin' ya lips...and me. For fun.

My pseudo-BF gave me the Familiez Yasmin and Portia for Christmas. He's a toy collector (and new customizer as well), so he knew to pick through the store stock and find the best looking one. And that he did!

I'm so in love with Portia's eyeprint. So sexy. And I ADORE to death her body. To death! Its a curvier version of the Pixiez body. And that is still my most favorite Bratz body yet. She had to undergo spa services to look this good: I cut the gray out of her hair, reset it under hot water and curved it inward. I wanted it to look as non-mom as possible.

She looks fierce in boots, and LiC Sasha's boots look ridiculous on her. They look so hot on her, she didn't even want to put any clothes on. Actually, she's just standing around nekkid with these boots on. She went from dumpy OC soccer mom to exhibitionist Vicky's Secret model.

She did have an accompanying photoshoot, but it turned out kinda crappy despite the perfect weather. She photographs a lot like Selita Ebanks now that I look at it. More of Portia to come--she's my new muse!

Muah, biatches.

I Had Her Singin'.

Check out my flickr for the rest.
C'mon, you know you want to.
Stop resisting.

When I think about it...

私の中心に不可能な苦痛がある。 それは孤独、に悲しく感じる。 なぜ私を愛して頂けませんないか。 私は何あなたの愛に値しないためにしたか。 私の中心の感じることができない。 私によってがほしいすべては私を愛するあなたのためである。 私は私が、それは決して十分ではないことを恐れている。

Light me up.

My Christmas tree's delicious.

This year's Christmas covergirl wishes everyone a very merry holiday season. Mwahz, bitches.

I Hate This Part Right Here

I just can't take your tears, I hate this part right here.

I'm not quite sure what to make of the whole Mattel/MGA ruling. Ordering MGA to cease production, destroy all molds and matrices and ship all viable stock to Mattel for destruction is a bit extreme. The doof judge is allowing, reportedly, MGA to continue with Bratz sales through the Christmas season. I'm sure the penalty will be less permanent come February during the post-trial hearing. It is MATTEL, after all, and Barbie has the best lawyer in all the world. I guess that's why she's never tried to become a lawyer herself...cuz she has other people to whoop ass on her behalf.

It is saddening that Mattel would go so low as to legally destory their competition instead of just creating a fresher, more cutting edge and overall better quality Barbie. Dirty, dirty game players they are, those Mattel boys. Tsk tsk.

Enjoy my ancient gift from DollsAhoy. She's a beaut, ain't she?



I went as a slutty fallen angel for Halloween.
There is no better place to Halloween than West Hollywood.
I wore horns, a pair of black wings and the shortest toga ever.
I totally forgot to do something for my sandals, so I improvised last minute...my legs looked hot, but I felt like I was walking on two tied pork roasts since that shit was tied insanely tight.
My wings garnered a Vicky's Secret runway walk.
Ha, let's hope those pictures of me strutting burn in electronic hell.
As skimpily clad as I was, I stayed warm the entire night.
Dancing on stage at the club is advisable ONLY if you know how to shake yo shit.
Ew, not like that. But, yes, that also.
Apparently, chicks dig my thighs too. LOL

Life is retarded right now, and things will either come crashing down or magically begin a transformation into the miraculous.
But all that remains to be determined.
I'm trying my gawddamn utmost to stay positive, but my situation right now is just unbelievable ridiculous.
My best buddy Al sez because I'm [going thru what I'm going thru], I'm destined to become unbelievably weatlhy some day as a means of offsetting [my current circumstance].
Fuckin' financial aid.

Vote Obama. Or don't vote at all.
My parentals are voting McLame. I should like to clobber them.

In California, if passed, Proposition 8 will deny legal marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. I'm hoping the new, determined and aching-for-change voting class will steer our country (and my state) toward a more secure and brighter tomorrow cuz this Bush shit ain't cuttin' it.

WAKE UP AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE AND VOTE TOMORROW, LJournalians. It is imperative we make change within our lifetime and undo the evils of this last administration.

Omg, I'm totally soapboxing. Hahahaha! So didn't expect that. So yeah, in summation, I looked hot on Halloween, life's a drag and get your ass out tomorrow morning and VOTE.

Mahal kita, bitches.



I expect to see all your happy, shiny "manga" faces posted as responses, thanks. Work it out!

Get Dirty, Dirty, Baby.

School's out finally. New job doesn't start for a few.

Guess what I've gotten back into doing? ^___^

Somehow I Knew

I Guess I'll Rap on Your Door